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    soo wat kan a see  den boelschit al de wee

    bat waai  wel a see waai

    doo doe  wie see

    waa doe wie doo

    de apeset  af wat wie schud

    waai doo  piepel so kande en saft feed awee wer oonlie de boons riemeen

    waai doe a riemember wats rang en rate

    wal al a sie  is pain in der aeys

    wale de smail

    waai is a kwestjes a askt amiljen tames

    way am a stil aloon

    way  die piepel hurt ader piepel wit aut riesen

    way doo piepel  poot ader piepel doun jast too meek dem fiel fane

    samtams it iefen meeks dam schane

    bat de doont noo iefel de doont ker hau kroel dee ar

    es lang es dee gloo lake a star

    wit may aes soo dark en mij blat so weel

    een dout af fielingin sade meet mie rate doun wats in sade

    bat after al mij badie is mij desane jast in a ader kelebresjes

    en anprokremebol en left for salfits bay de oopen mande

    dat lurks in sade



  • stilte

    het is stil in huis
    je hoort de klok, tik, tak
    en ik zit op de bank
    een beetje af te dwalen en
    oude herrinneringen op te
    halen en dan ineens:
    nattigheid, mijn tranen lopen
    langs mijn kin geslopen
    ze nemen alles mee en ik ben
    weer alleen en stil, koud
    en kil om me heen
    ach ja, stilte

  • downfall of the mind

    the brain is a creation
    made up from a million sensations
    so what does it do what does it say
    when the lights in your eyes fade away
    what kind of response do you expect
    from the silence inside your head
    what do you demand when your eyes go block
    what have you learned,what do you desire
    when your mind has no boundaries
    when your body starts to contain
    the pain inside your brain
    spilled by your body
    outside your veins
    so that you will see
    my questions are not
    some kind of mystery
    so please believe me

  • sometimes

    sometimes the world slowly fades away
    inside my veins it happens almost
    every day I slowly fade away
    almost every day sometimes
    I dream and fly away into the night
    and see to the island of mystery
    sometimes inside your own history
    lies your own island of mystery
    so judge me or respect me in reality
    I am just a human being living in reality
    so let me be me

  • mysteries of the mind

    angels come and go
    where they go no one knows
    but when they go darkness grows
    and when time is near darkness
    disappears and fear appears
    and when that comes and takes over the pain inside my
    veins my skin starts to shiver and my
    eyes go dark that is when the sun comes and sweeps
    all that before was becomes the past
    and the angels return at last

  • Storm in a glass of water

    Life is like a glass of water
    The glass is full when the youth begins
    Slowly it fades away every normal day
    But it also fills up every day
    Some days it shakes and spills
    And it spills the water of its youth
    At the same time the body fades away
    In old age and in pain
    But the memory stays
    In your heart and mind
    For always
    Even when time passes by
    The memory will stay inside our minds
    The memory of a man that was mighty and strong
    A man who survived the war
    A couple of operations
    And even a heart failure
    Couldn’t take him down

    From above the crowd
    But every bottle has to be empty at one time
    His time is now and his glass is empty
    So no more storms, no more pain
    That was slowly driving him insane
    From inside his heart and veins
    But now this picture burns away
    And only the memory stays
    For eternity inside my veins
    So please forgive me

  • darkness

    darkness cries and all the shadows will run through the
    night. big flashes of light. crows fly from tree to tree,
    to pick the berries that fell in front of their feet.
    the berries were made of blood. from those who will
    be never forgotten. bloody hearts from soldiers who have
    battled the
    fires of life. and when we died we left tears a lonely wife
    the tree feeds from the tears of love…
    for the memories that were cut down and
    locked away…the memories will be deleted but not
    realease me…