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  • Inside us all

    We as humans or a different kind of braids
    Where destructive Force this planet has ever seen understandable and we made the balance of good and bad wrong ent right
    Een blended in a world called Life what is the reason of wrong and right doesn’t exist without daylight because at night all the memories fly more than a million souls die only a memory succeeds between wrong and right until the daylight only the strongest will survive that’s called life if the city I live in is brutal relentless and knows no Mercy where it shines out like a sparkling light incredible bright like a diamond in the night people come people fail only a few profeel and Stay zo by this memory I say You’re human any way  zo remember

  • 1 jeer end 21 dees in 1 morie

    soo wat kan a see  den boelschit al de wee

    bat waai  wel a see waai

    doo doe  wie see

    waa doe wie doo

    de apeset  af wat wie schud

    waai doo  piepel so kande en saft feed awee wer oonlie de boons riemeen

    waai doe a riemember wats rang en rate

    wal al a sie  is pain in der aeys

    wale de smail

    waai is a kwestjes a askt amiljen tames

    way am a stil aloon

    way  die piepel hurt ader piepel wit aut riesen

    way doo piepel  poot ader piepel doun jast too meek dem fiel fane

    samtams it iefen meeks dam schane

    bat de doont noo iefel de doont ker hau kroel dee ar

    es lang es dee gloo lake a star

    wit may aes soo dark en mij blat so weel

    een dout af fielingin sade meet mie rate doun wats in sade

    bat after al mij badie is mij desane jast in a ader kelebresjes

    en anprokremebol en left for salfits bay de oopen mande

    dat lurks in sade



  • 15 mirrors

    1 mirror to look through
    2 mirrors to see
    3 mirrors to break
    4 mirrors to stay
    5 mirrors to give away
    6 mirrors to fade away
    7 mirrors for the light
    8 mirrors for the night
    the rest of the mirrors were never found
    still today they lay around
    but still no one found the 7 mirrors
    to make the 15 mirrors that go around
    so should you want one of them
    let me know before you go
    so help me so the truth
    that only I know and the mirrors show
    than you will know that the mirrors
    so don’t let go