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  • Inside us all

    We as humans or a different kind of braids
    Where destructive Force this planet has ever seen understandable and we made the balance of good and bad wrong ent right
    Een blended in a world called Life what is the reason of wrong and right doesn’t exist without daylight because at night all the memories fly more than a million souls die only a memory succeeds between wrong and right until the daylight only the strongest will survive that’s called life if the city I live in is brutal relentless and knows no Mercy where it shines out like a sparkling light incredible bright like a diamond in the night people come people fail only a few profeel and Stay zo by this memory I say You’re human any way  zo remember

  • 1 jeer end 21 dees in 1 morie

    soo wat kan a see  den boelschit al de wee

    bat waai  wel a see waai

    doo doe  wie see

    waa doe wie doo

    de apeset  af wat wie schud

    waai doo  piepel so kande en saft feed awee wer oonlie de boons riemeen

    waai doe a riemember wats rang en rate

    wal al a sie  is pain in der aeys

    wale de smail

    waai is a kwestjes a askt amiljen tames

    way am a stil aloon

    way  die piepel hurt ader piepel wit aut riesen

    way doo piepel  poot ader piepel doun jast too meek dem fiel fane

    samtams it iefen meeks dam schane

    bat de doont noo iefel de doont ker hau kroel dee ar

    es lang es dee gloo lake a star

    wit may aes soo dark en mij blat so weel

    een dout af fielingin sade meet mie rate doun wats in sade

    bat after al mij badie is mij desane jast in a ader kelebresjes

    en anprokremebol en left for salfits bay de oopen mande

    dat lurks in sade



  • boot fiet an de ground

    fram densedie too grefetie

    fram kroetie  too feet

     vram hepienes toe faljer

     fram exastens too paur

    fram desaster too memorie

     fram existens too destenie

     a doont no

     a am  geting olt enie we

    soo al stee eniewee

    so doe jou anderstent

    wats grefelts toroe de send in mau hent

     a sie de memorie af mie

    en noo foor schoor

    if dee kud talkt

     de wut tel jou

    to fak af  en let mie bie

    en let it biekam a memorie in mie

    so dat a ken lurn fram may mesteeks

    so dat de nefer hepen agen

    dats foor schor


  • ik weet

    I know indeed what we talked about
    we talked about I make you angry
    we talked about the people you have lost
    we’ve talked about your son
    we’ve talked about your groups
    we’ve talked about Tony a while
    you were afraid that you were pregnant
    and you were happy when your period started
    you’ve talked about that you were very sensitive
    at the moment
    sorry, I should have known better and I will be better

  • solution

    solution how has it been made
    what does it do
    what does it say
    when hinder comes your way
    don’t run away but stay
    defend the person inside your veins
    don’t let go of your desire
    your solution has not been written
    on a single flyer
    so let it go and let it be
    present inside of me
    so now I close my eyes
    and I will see
    that the solution
    is inside of me
    so please release me

  • inspiration

    inspiration is a sensation
    that runs through my veins and brain
    it makes me write down what I can’t see
    not many people can make me feel this way
    but you do through and through that’s one of the reasons
    why I like you
    so I do get my inspiration through you
    and it doesn’t fade away like with most persons
    I must see because of you it stayed
    and didn’t go away
    that’s one of the reasons I am asking
    you to stay and not to go away
    so please stay, don’t take my inspiration away
    so forgive me

  • realism

    a man is old
    a man is young
    through the years
    he kept hanging on
    through the pictures
    on the wall
    his past tells it all
    his steps are famous
    his memory rules
    his honour has spoken
    to the world
    and every time he turns
    to his place
    where he wonders
    and learns
    and then he steps back
    into the world
    and it all becomes real
    giving him a shield
    so feel

  • crystal clear

    sometimes I am an angel
    sometimes I am a devil that breathes
    but most times I am crystal clear
    my heart beats the rhythm of my life
    my blood is red
    and my eyes are dark
    with a star inside my star
    a star disappears
    and fire is here
    and it becomes crystal clear
    I look at my hands
    and I see the person
    I’ve come to be
    and the anger fades away
    and I smile all the way
    until you cross that line

  • kraling

    kraling craydels in our minds, flies
    around like a butterfly around that rules in
    riddles and doesn’t die because it’s just a butterfly in
    my mind sometimes he goes a little bit wild if he is
    lost in his library of memories and just flying around
    and can’t settle down but then in a blink of an
    eye settled down and didn’t wonder why but that’s life
    as it is so keep your library sorted out
    until the flame goes out and silence wallows
    and slowly fades away into a normal day
    like everyday for me