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  • mysteries of the mind

    angels come and go
    where they go no one knows
    but when they go darkness grows
    and when time is near, darkness
    disappears and fear appears
    and when that comes and takes over the pain inside my
    veins my skin starts to shiver and my
    eyes go dark, that is when the sun comes and sweeps
    all that before was becomes the past
    and the angels return at last

  • 10 reasons

    10 reasons to go…
    10 reasons to stay…
    10 reasons to fade away…
    10 reasons to stay alert and wait…
    10 reasons to cry…
    10 reasons to fly…
    10 reasons to die…
    10 reasons to stay alive…
    10 reasons to love…
    10 reasons not to give up…
    10 reasons enough to just not give up…

  • Raindrops

    Rain drops are made from glass that falls from the world above
    to the world beneath our feet,
    and dissapears into the ground
    above the ground
    the drops are like chrystals made from glass
    when a drop hits your head
    it always make a way
    down to the ground
    in any possible way
    rain drops can freeze
    rain drops can fight against the daylighta rain drop has a shadow
    of a billion colours
    that will make the rain drop
    touh the ground beneath our feet