Storm in a glass of water

Life is like a glass of water
The glass is full when the youth begins
Slowly it fades away every normal day
But it also fills up every day
Some days it shakes and spills
And it spills the water of its youth
At the same time the body fades away
In old age and in pain
But the memory stays
In your heart and mind
For always
Even when time passes by
The memory will stay inside our minds
The memory of a man that was mighty and strong
A man who survived the war
A couple of operations
And even a heart failure
Couldn’t take him down

From above the crowd
But every bottle has to be empty at one time
His time is now and his glass is empty
So no more storms, no more pain
That was slowly driving him insane
From inside his heart and veins
But now this picture burns away
And only the memory stays
For eternity inside my veins
So please forgive me

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